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Casters feature

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016]

Installation height: vertical distance from the ground to the installation location, with casters caster installation height is the bottom plate and wheel remote maximum vertical distance.

Bracket turn Center: the Center rivet vertical lines horizontal distance to the hub center.

Turning radius: the rivets from the center vertical line horizontal distance to the outer edge of the tyre, proper spacing so that casters for 360-degree turn. Turning radius is reasonable or not directly affects the life of castors.

Load: casters when moving the load-carrying capacity, also known as dynamic wheel load varies because of factory tests in different ways, but also because of the material of the wheel varies, the key is whether the scaffold structure and quality can impact and shock resistance.

Shock load: when a device is bearing moment of impact or vibration when Castor load capacity. Static static static load load load static load: casters at rest can bear the weight. The static load should generally exercise load (load) 5~6 times the impact loading of static load should be at least twice.

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