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Casters Protection Coat - galvanized

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 30, 2016]


After casters were invented, people handling and moving objects become much easier. It can be said casters bring epoch-making revolution to the people handling particularly moving objects, not only easy to carry, can move with any direction, but also greatly improving efficiency.


 As the market demand for the product casters test, customer demand for more gradual emergence. Such as anti-static casters, high temperature casters, mute casters, brake casters.


Here mainly to introduce the an important part of DC FORTUNE casters , one of the obvious advantages of the casters frame-galvanized.

 1, comprehensive protection of  Casters : each part of the plating can be plated with zinc, even in depression, sharp corners and hiding places can be fully protected.


2, does not affect the welding: Welding is still (eg: after assembly spot welding) after the metal surface galvanized industrial casters characteristics and requirements according to the size of the user's environment carrying capacity to design different industrial casters.


3, coating toughness: galvanizing a special layer metallurgical structure that can withstand the movement and use of mechanical damage.


4, long-lasting anti-rust performance: normal use will not rust casters within three years.


5, reliability: between steel and zinc coating is metallurgically bonded to become a part of the surface of the steel, and therefore more reliable coating durability.

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