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Dc Fortune Casters Teach You How To Choose The Right Casters

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 18, 2016]


There are many different factors that determine the choice of DC FORTUNE casters, the key is most suitable for your use.


Here are some of the most important considerations.


1. Loading capacity


It determines how heavy the wheel is able to bear, as well as the rotation condition of the wheels, DC FORTUNE Rubber Wheels apply roller bearings, which can stand more than 180 kilograms loading requirements.


2.The condition of applying place


If the road crack terrible, DC FORTUNE suggest to choose big size wheels which can overcome the crack, for example Heavy Duty Wheels, at the same time, DC FORTUNE suggest to consider using the size of the road, obstacles and other factors.


Regarding wood floors, ceramic tile floors, etc. DC FORTUNE suggest to choose Rubber Wheels or TPR Wheels to protect the floor surface, the Polyurethane Wheels are suitable for carpet.


3. Special Environment


Each wheels adapt to different working environment, choose the best casters to adapt to the particular environment. For example, conventional Rubber Wheels are not able to work in acid oil and chemical environment.

DC FORTUNE high-tech Polyurethane Wheels, Plastic Wheels and Steel Wheels can apply various special circumstances.


4.Rotational flexibility


The larger the wheel is, the easier the rotated is , roller bearings can carry heavy loads, ball bearing rotation is more flexible but loading capacity is less.


5.Temperature Limit


Cold and hot environment are likely to cause trouble, using DC FORTUNE Caster, make casters suitable for -40 degrees Celsius to 165 degrees Celsius.

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