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Heavy duty castors

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016]

Heavy duty castors is a larger load capacity casters, caster is based on the load-carrying capacity, is relatively light duty casters, medium casters such as classified, and no clear boundaries, usually bearing 500 kg to 15 tons or even higher loads casters, heavy duty casters.

Heavy duty casters casters are Heavy duty Heavy duty Castor or caster in English, load heavyweight English is Extra heavy duty casters heavy duty casters or Extra heavy duty castors.

Heavy duty caster bracket design

Heavy duty caster bracket, metal is often used as the main body, including General sheet metal forming, casting, forging, usually dominated by flat-plate Assembly. Heavy duty castors steel plate steel plate thickness using 8mm,10MM,16mm and 20mm. At present, Wanda for oil system design of China's 12 ton heavy duty casters, 30mm plates, pallet 40mm, effectively ensure the safety of loading.

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