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How To Choose Frame For Casters

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 24, 2016]

1.Usually selecting the appropriate caster frame, bearing capacity is the first consideration , such as supermarkets, schools , hospitals, office buildings , hotels and other places , due to the good floor , smooth and light cargo handling requirement , ( each caster carried 10-140kg are enough), so DC FORTUNE suggest to choose a thin plate (2-4mm) stamping plating caster frame , the caster frame  is light , flexible operation , quiet and beautiful.

2.If it is factories and warehouse , cargo handling is very frequent and heavy load ( each caster carried 280-420kg are required) , DC FORTUNE suggest to use thick steel plate (5-6 mm) stamping and forging welding caster frame , with double bearing.


3.If  it is used for carrying heavy loads such as textile factories, automobile factories, machinery factories and other places, due to the significant and the Netherlands within walking distance ( each castor carried 350-1200kg), DC FORTUNE suggest to choose thick steel plate (8-12mm ) after cutting welding wheel frame , wheels frame using a flat ball and ball on the floor , so that can withstand heavy duty casters , rotation flexibility, impact resistance and other functions.

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