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DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 19, 2016]


Many customers ask DC FORTUNE casters, it is easy to install scaffolding wheels, but how to maintain wheels in order to extend its working life?


First, check the scaffolding wheels carefully before use, it requires to be inspected each time daily before using. Installation of a plurality of casters , make one brakes locked and try a mobile device , in order to check whether each of the casters braking performance are good , if it is due to the retirement or damage to cause the casters brake malfunction, kindly replace the wheel immediately , and then re-test the brakes .


 If it is the brake structural problems, it requires to repair or replace the brake. After each repair or replacement of scaffolding wheels , customers shall be immediately re- test the brakes .


During the installation process of  Scaffolding Wheels , users also need to pay attention to the following matters:


    1 . Swivel Casters must be specified in the manufacturer 's design position of installation.

    2 . Scaffolding Wheels bracket must have sufficient strength to meet the weight bearing use.

    3 . Swivel Caster features cannot be changed or affected by the fitting .

  4 . The moving wheel axis must always be vertical .

    5 . Between the fixed Scaffolding Wheels and its wheel axis shall be in a straight line .

    6 . If it is applied Swivel Casters only , they must be consistent.

    7 . If Rigid Casters used in conjunction with Swivel Casters, then all casters must be compatible with each other and shall be recommended by DC FORTUNE .


    Scaffolding Caster bearing design to meet swivel to any direction, stamping and welding type brake design , target to meet the top plate and the rotating Brake wheels requirement, to ensure the Scaffolding can stop anytime anywhere . Good application rely on regularly inspection and properly installation.


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