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Moving Scaffolding Wheels

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Sep 13, 2016]

Moving scaffolding refers to the construction site for the workers to operate and resolve the vertical and horizontal transport and erection of various carriers . It has a simple assembly and disassembly , bearing good performance, safe and reliable , the development of fast , moving scaffold in a variety of new scaffolding , the development of the earliest usage is also up . Moving scaffolding successfully developed by the United States first , to the early 1960s , Europe, Japan and other countries have applied and the development of such scaffolding. China from the late 1970s , has introduced from Japan, the United States , Britain and other countries and use this scaffolding.

Moving scaffolding as a basic building facilities , are widely used in a variety of large and small construction sites , it has played a significant supporting role. And its development process is quite long , nearly perfect from imperfect start to the final step by step , through a very long process.


Moving scaffolding consists of main frame , horizontal frame cross bracing, scaffold boards , adjustable base ,Scaffolding Wheels and other components . Cross rod , also known as oblique rod ,

It is a longitudinal connecting two gantry -type cross rod . Rod ends flattened portions punched pin hole , when the latch assembly and lock the door frame on the pole prison . Surface treatment: Plating ( cold galvanizing ) , galvanizing ( HDG ) Casters: also known as ground round , can be installed in the lower part of the moving scaffold , moving scaffold composition can be used as mechanical and electrical installation Painting equipment maintenance commercials.. activities workbench. 6 inch Scaffolding Wheels with brakes , easy to use moving and flexible. safe and reliable .

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