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Raw Materials keep Rising, How about DC FORTUNE Casters?

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Dec 01, 2016]

 If you check your Chinese friends Moments, all factory may talk about the same thing:




Yes, everyday when our clients ask to send them new quotation of casters, it become the toughest period to check raw materials fresh price.


Iron is rising, PVC is rising, PU is rising, everything is changing day by day.


But how about DC Fortune wheels?


We have to guarantee the quality of wheels, we have to maintain our reputation, we have to rise less price because they are all years clients.


We are bearing , we are keeping our promise to help old clients catching the markets, and that’s why our exporting volume even rising during this price fighting battle in wheels market.


Make a good wheel, they run a good way.

Our PU wheels, Scaffolding wheels, Heavy Duty Wheels, Industrial Wheels, Furniture Wheels, Rubber Wheels are all increasing price, dear agent, please contact us for new quotation before place order. 



PVC: rising 30%+

Freight: rising 30%+

PACKING PAPER : rising 60%+

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