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Selection of heavy duty castors wheels

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016]

Heavy duty castors wheels material selection

Heavy duty castors are used to move heavy equipment, so the heavy duty caster wheels with hard tread wheel. Nylon wheels, cast iron wheels, forged steel wheels, hard rubber, polyurethane wheels, and phenolic resin-wheel is the ideal choice. Forged steel wheels as well as the special heavy duty casters caster wheel is particularly useful supporting wheels.

Heavy duty castors wheels of diameter selection

According to the larger diameter of the wheels, turn more flexible principles, common specifications 4-inch casters, 5 inch casters, 6 inch casters, 8 inch casters, 10-inch casters, 12-inch casters, heavy duty casters can be used 16-inch and 18-inch wheels. Currently, we produce 12 tons of extra heavy duty casters, is using 400mm, round 125mm wide two-wheel casters. Of course, heavy with special specifications can be customized, for example, low-weight heavy duty casters, minimum 2-inch casters, can also load 360kg.

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