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Shock Absorbing Wheels Maintenance

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Sep 07, 2016]

   Maintenance of Shock Absorbing Wheels are very important, it expand the life period of Shock Absorbing Wheels obviously.

  First, the maintenance of Shock Absorbing Wheels shall note to the support and shock absorption damping round wheel, make sure the fastener is able to work, to ensure that does not affect the flexibility and shock-absorbing wheel stability, ensure the Shock Absorbing Wheels work normally.

  Second, the design of shock absorbing is suitable , selection of excellent impact shock springs, avoid the damage when DC FORTUNE Shock Absorbing Wheels working on uneven ground .

  Third, check the elastic condition of Shock Absorbing Wheels is suitable or not, clear round in the course of damping entrained debris, in order to guarantee shock absorbing wheel work in normal operation.

  Finally , we must pay attention to the various components of the wheel damping periodic lubrication, reduce friction loss reduction shock absorbing wheel life, improve the damping effect of wheels .

  But there is a certain hardness of timeliness , the hardness change over time . Although most of the regular production of the hardness of the block have been artificial and natural aging , changes in hardness is not large, but by re-certification test cycle at will use them more at ease   Understanding of the above maintenance methods ,     shock absorbing casters for future use will have a clearer understanding .Read the above description, I believe we all know how to check the quality of the caster it, if it is not easy to understand , you can consult caster manufacturer-DC FORTUNE casters of professional and technical personnel , will be able to solve your problem . I hope this information can help to everyone. .


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