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Six Index Help You To Choose Scaffolding Wheels

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 25, 2016]

1.Select Mobile scaffolding Wheel material: first consider the size of the road, obstacles, use the space residual material (such as iron, oil), which environmental conditions (such as high temperature, room temperature or low temperature) and can carry mobile scaffolding wheels the weight of the different conditions to determine select the appropriate material.

2. Calculate load capacity: In order to calculate the load capacity of a variety of mobile scaffolding wheels need to be aware of transport equipment weight, maximum load and the single wheel casters and quantity.

3. Decided to wheel diameter size: Usually the larger the diameter is,  the easier to push wheel , load capacity are larger and better to protect the floor from damage as well.  

4.The mobile scaffolding wheel hard and soft material of choice.

5. Rotation flexibility: single wheel is rotated, the more the greater the effort, the roller bearings can carry heavier loads, greater resistance to rotation: single wheel is mounted on a high-quality (bearing steel) ball bearings can carry heavier loads rotation more lightweight, flexible and quiet.

6.Temperature conditions: cold and high temperature affect the large casters, polyurethane wheels can work at a low temperature of minus 45 , the flexible rotary, high temperature wheel is rotated at a high temperature 275 .

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