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Talking About The Operation And Bearing Precautions Of Heavy Duty Casters

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Talking about the Operation and Bearing Precautions of Heavy Duty Casters
In real life we have been able to see heavy casters everywhere, whether you are at home or in the company or in the hotel, supermarket, even on the road you will see the heavy caster; it has become normal can not be in the usual Things, and constantly into our lives; the same it also has its survival rules and the use of the law, only in accordance with its laws to operate you can control it. Houde heavy duty casters to tell you below the heavy duty casters operating precautions and other safety matters.
First, the heavy duty casters operation Note:
1, gently, to avoid half-way bump damage;
2, according to the use of heavy duty casters, can not exceed the maximum load;
3, according to the use of product guidance to avoid the use of high-speed state to increase damage;
4, during the operation to avoid collision, to ensure the normal work between the wheels and equipment;
Second, the heavy duty casters security Note:
1, heavy casters operating environment more special circumstances, not only to select the appropriate heavy casters, but also should be equipped with a reasonable design structure to increase the impact resistance.
2, heavy-duty casters the most common installation mode for the four-wheeled, heavy duty casters to bear the impact of small occasions, that is, good ground conditions, the goods can be shipped or equipment movement, according to four heavy casters to bear the total weight Of the hundred percent choice.
3, in the ground environment is poor, then the requirements are three heavy duty casters to bear the full weight, a heavy duty casters floating use, this occasion under the three wheel load calculation, and not more than three wheels The maximum limit, or will have a normal impact on the heavy duty casters.
The use of heavy duty casters, so that we live in the movement of goods more convenient, especially for large items of mobile not only reduce the cost of labor, more convenient for our use. So the use of heavy duty casters to facilitate us, but we have to operate to use it reasonable, in order to allow heavy casters to play a greater value.
 Heavy duty casters when using plastic tray 1. First consider the packaging specifications of the goods and placed on the plastic tray. For example: the European standard turnover box size is 600 * 400mm, 1200 * 1000mm tray placed in a layer of 5, 1200 * 800mm tray placed in a layer of four, generally stacked 5 layers.
   2. Consider the situation of the pallet loading tool (eg container, truck, etc.). For example: If it is round-trip or one-time use, need to give priority to the shipping container width of 2300mm integration, 1200 * 1000mm tray, with a length of 1200mm and a wide range of 1000mm placed, you must use 4 to fork. For the 1200 * 800mm tray, with 800mm width of the two groups placed side by side. While the 1100 * 1100mm tray with 1100mm width, placed 2 columns, 2 into the fork or 4 into the fork can be.
   3. If used in the warehouse shelves, to consider the width of the shelf and into the depth of the size, usually selected shelves each floor placed two pallet, and set aside about 200mm access space. In the depth direction to give large size, this will not produce the plastic tray carrying the harsh requirements,

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