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Bed Casters Developed Into A Special Industry

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

It is also difficult to trace the history of the caster, but after people have invented the wheels, it is easy to move and move the objects, but the wheels can only run on a straight line, change the direction of moving objects Still very difficult, and later people invented a wheel with a steering structure, that is what we now call the Bed Casters or caster. Bed Casters appear to bring people to move, especially moving objects brought revolution in the era, not only can be easily handled, but also can move in any direction, greatly improving the efficiency.
To the modern With the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment need to move, Bed Casters will be more and more widely used in the world, all walks of life almost can not do without Bed Casters. To the modern With the continuous development of science and technology, equipment and more and more functions and high utilization, Bed Casters became an indispensable parts. The development of the caster is also more specialized and become a special industry.
The caster is constructed by a single wheel mounted on a bracket for mounting under the device to allow it to move freely. Bed Casters are divided into two main categories:
A fixed Bed Casters fixed bracket with a single wheel, can only move along the line.
B Movable Bed Casters 360 degree steering bracket with a single round, free to travel in any direction.
Bed Casters of a wide variety of rounds, in size, model, tires and other different. Select the appropriate wheels to take the following conditions:
Use the site environment. Product load capacity The working environment contains chemicals, blood, grease, oil, salt and other substances. A variety of special climates, such as humidity, high temperature or cold E impact, collision and driving quiet requirements.
Although the caster is a humble little parts, but with people's daily life and industrial production are closely related to the market has also been a good prospect, sales growth in recent years continued to climb. Development of the caster industry is a systematic project to support the efficient operation of this system at least to include the following five aspects: First, the financial support. Bed Casters industry is a typical capital-intensive industries, to form economies of scale, need to reach a certain investment threshold. With the improvement of the technical level, the investment threshold is rising. At the same time, in order to meet the R & D, capacity expansion and upgrading of the needs of the integrated circuit industry also need to continue to invest. Second, market support. Integrated circuit enterprises to survive, we must produce products in line with market demand, a steady stream of orders from customers, the establishment of a global market for the sales team and sales network is essential. Third, technical support. To have advanced technology, first-class chip design capabilities, with a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents. Fourth, talent support. To cultivate a world-class technology, chip design and management personnel to ensure that technology, product innovation and efficient operation of enterprises. Fifth, management support. Industry and enterprise management from the strategic decision-making, capital management, logistics management, personnel management and other aspects.
Grasp the pulse of the market is the caster business sustainable development of the key, the future plan in the step will also be actively concerned about the market direction and customer needs, for the Bed Casters have a higher price.
In order to adapt to changes in the needs of the market, so that the number of operations at the scene of the number of workers with flexibility, so as to achieve the caster "punctuality" purposes, which in the Bed Casters lean production called less. Market demand for the function and quality of the product requirements are getting higher and higher, product replacement cycle is shorter and shorter, the complexity of the product also increased, the traditional mass production methods have been challenged. In mass production, flexibility and productivity are contradictory. It is only known that only a variety of single, large quantities, equipment dedicated, process stability, high efficiency, in order to form economies of scale; the other hand, multi-species, small batch production, equipment, special low Bed Casters in the form of similar processing, frequent The adjustment of the fixture, the process is more difficult to increase stability, production efficiency is bound to be affected. In order to improve the flexibility and production efficiency of the manufacturing industry at the same time, to ensure the quality of products under the premise of shortening the product production cycle, reduce product costs, can make small batch production and mass production to compete, flexible production line came into being.

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