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China Scaffold Material

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Scaffolding, tool also called a scaffold is a temporary structure used to support the reconstruction of the building or structure or assembled, is also used in ships and other large projects. Are usually made of metal pipe modular tools also use other materials, such as in Eastern countries made of bamboo scaffold is useful.

In China before 1949 and 50 early construction scaffold method is made of bamboo or wood. 60 's promotion of steel tubular scaffold with couplers.

In the 80 's, in the development of China's advanced, multifunction scaffold a series of major achievements, such as Longmen steel tubular scaffold with stand, Bowl, the annual output has reached the scale of tens of thousands of tons, and has a number of exports.

For a long time, Hangzhou scaffold renting because the tool itself and its construction technology and safety management in a backward state, caused the accident rate is high. Statistics: building construction systems of the casualties in China each year, about one-third directly or indirectly related to the installation and usage issues.

Different types of construction scaffolds and templates for different purposes. Currently, the bowl of bridge support frame scaffolding, have also used gate scaffolding. Main structure for the construction of scaffolding fastener scaffolding, scaffold-pole vertical spacing is generally 1.2~1.8M; an average level of 0.9~1.5 m.

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