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Different Methods Of Scaffold Classification

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

In accordance with the classification of materials

1) steel pipe scaffolding of a single specification. It takes only a specification of the steel pipe, steel tubular scaffold with couplers, use only ф 48.3x3.5 welded steel tubes.

2) combines a variety of steel pipe scaffold. It is composed of two or more different sizes of pipe, such as Dragon Scaffolding.

3) for steel pipe scaffolding. That is, according to the steel, supplemented by other steel scaffolding, steel top or base, steel scaffolding the scaffolding, and so on. Bowl fastener-style steel pipe scaffolding as steel bar used as a steel-tube scaffold "single"; when using the steel rail, "priorities and steel scaffolding.

According to different modes of transmission between two vertical

1) contact friction. Depending on the node interface friction response supporting railway loads of compaction and to studs, such as fasteners, resulting in positive pressure bolt friction;

2) welding. Most of the railway and the socket connection is this way, door frame is also included in this way;

3) direct pressure. In this way, see more bars left in the vertical line at the top of the scaffold;

4) in the needle bar shear. Vertical pin Rod through the beam connecting plate and vertical rods, pin-hole connection double shear effect. This method in the joint railway and has been rare.

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