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Furniture Wheels Flexible Division Of Space

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

Furniture Wheels flexible division of space
    Traditional bookcases are mostly large and heavy, and to move a place may change the pattern of the whole family. And now the market can see the bookcase is much easier to choose, not only many businesses to the bookcase is divided into narrow strips, people can choose according to their own area of single or multiple small bookcase fight together, more Furniture Wheelsed bookcase and Bookshelves so that books can be free to move space, assembled. But experts advise that the general weight of the Furniture Wheels are very limited, if it is best not to install a large bookcase wheel.
    In general, the master bedroom area is more spacious, you can put down a large combination of cabinet, and small units in the guest lying, the area is slightly cramped. If you place a storage space in the guest, with a Furniture Wheels locker or storage box is the best choice. Movable lockers can be placed in any corner of the room, according to people need to change the location. And the Furniture Wheels with the storage box is more flexible, not only can be classified items storage, in order to save space can also be based on the level of the use of the box from top to bottom stacking code, the use of light, but also more conducive to cleaning.
 The Furniture Wheels is a collectively included, including the activities of Furniture Wheels (universal Furniture Wheels) and fixed Furniture Wheels. The activities of the Furniture Wheels is also a universal Furniture Wheels, its structure allows 360 degree rotation; and fixed Furniture Wheels without rotation structure, can not turn. Usually two kinds of Furniture Wheels are used with, such as the structure of the trolley is the front two fixed wheel, behind the push near the handrail is two active caster.
Furniture Wheels have different types according to different standards.
Furniture Wheels according to the application industry classification can be divided into: medical Furniture Wheels, industrial Furniture Wheels, supermarket Furniture Wheels, furniture, furniture, wheels
Medical Furniture Wheels to meet the requirements of the hospital to run light, flexible, flexible, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti-winding and chemical resistance and other characteristics, dedicated Furniture Wheels. Industrial Furniture Wheels is a kind of Furniture Wheels product used in factory or mechanical equipment. It can choose high-level imported nylon, super polyurethane and rubber. The whole product has high impact resistance and strength.
Supermarket Furniture Wheels to meet the needs of the supermarket shelves, as well as the need for light and flexible shopping carts and specially developed Furniture Wheels. Furniture Furniture Wheels is a kind of special Furniture Wheels which is needed to meet the needs of furniture with low center of gravity and high load.
 1, the detection of Furniture Wheels surface visual wear degree. Furniture Wheels surface "grinding point" may imply that the accumulation of foreign matter, such as wire wire and other debris may be wound around the wheels, remove the wheels of the bolts and nuts, clean debris. Check the wheel bearings are damaged, if the parts are not damaged can be re-assembled to continue to use, if the wheels are often encountered by the phenomenon of miscellaneous material is recommended to install anti-wrapped cover to avoid.
2, the caster or wheel stuck can also cause "grinding point." Appropriate maintenance checks, in particular, check the tightening of the bolt, how much oil, replace the damaged wheels can enhance the rolling performance of equipment and rotation flexibility.
3, rubber Furniture Wheels serious damage or become loose may lead to rolling instability, leakage, load abnormalities, and floor damage, etc., timely replacement of damaged Furniture Wheels and bearings can reduce the damage caused by wheel damage caused by the cost loss.
4, check the repair of the wheel, to determine whether the bolt nut tightened, as much as possible in all the bolts on the use of lock washers or loose nuts. If the bolt is loose, tighten it immediately. If the wheels loosely mounted inside the bracket will cause the wheels to be damaged or not to rotate.

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