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Heavy Duty Casters Are Highly Competitive Brands And The Accumulation Of Credibility Is The Key

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Heavy Duty Casters are now widely used in various projects and even daily life, followed by Heavy Duty Casters industry is gradually saturated market, the increasingly fierce competition between enterprises. In such a situation, Heavy Duty Casters business how to break through adversity go out? Think that brand and reputation is the most important solution.
Heavy-duty casters brand and credibility need to accumulate, the brand is undoubtedly the core of the competitiveness of Heavy Duty Casters. The face of Heavy Duty Casters market, whether to have their own brand will become the key to the enterprise can stand out, but also heavy truck products to the market logo, it is a symbol of the enterprise. In the process of brand building, has always insisted on a boutique Heavy Duty Casters in the production of Heavy Duty Casters in the process, increase investment in technology, enhance technology research and development capabilities, and continuously improve the quality of Heavy Duty Casters to enhance market competitiveness.
High-quality Heavy Duty Casters into the market, but also for the accumulation of a good reputation, product application effect is good, long life, while staff in contact with customers in the process, more attentive and thoughtful service, with the most sincere attitude to treat Cooperation in the process of every detail, which also set a good reputation.
Many users said that although the purchase of industrial Heavy Duty Casters quality is very good, but it can not fully meet their actual needs. In the selection, the industrial Heavy Duty Casters of different materials, styles and load-bearing, so that customers feel difficult to choose, can not take into account all aspects. In fact, the selection of industrial Heavy Duty Casters is not difficult, you only need to consider their own circumstances, five factors can be purchased to suit their own use of Heavy Duty Casters.
Today, we will introduce these five factors to everyone:
(1) carrying capacity. Decided to carry the severity of the wheel size, but also affect the industrial Heavy Duty Casters of the rotation, ball bearings for more than 180 kg heavier load requirements.
(2) the use of site conditions. Choose a large enough wheel to fit the scene. But also consider the use of road size, obstacles and other factors.
(3) special environment. Each round to adapt to different working conditions, choose the best to adapt to the special environment. For example, the traditional rubber can not acid and chemical, so according to the use of the environment to select the appropriate industrial Heavy Duty Casters.
(4) Turn the flexibility. The greater the wheels turn the more effort, industrial heavy duty castor ball bearings can carry heavier load, the ball bearing rotation more flexible but carrying lighter.
(5) temperature limit. Cold and heat on many wheels are likely to cause trouble, should choose high quality green grease, to ensure that industrial Heavy Duty Casters can be applied to -40 ° C to 165 ° C high temperature.
Different types of Heavy Duty Casters for different use of different materials have different physical and chemical properties. Heavy Duty Casters different materials require the use of different places of the environment, of course, the service life will be different. In order to avoid the use of Heavy Duty Casters improper use of the short life of the problem can be solved from the two aspects to solve. On the one hand Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers each production and sale of a foot Lun should have a corresponding product manual, indicating its proper use of the place. On the other hand, users in the use of Heavy Duty Casters should be clear suitable for use of Heavy Duty Casters, to avoid misuse and cause unnecessary damage.
Effective maintenance of Heavy Duty Casters Regular maintenance of Heavy Duty Casters. Maintenance is divided into lubricating oil and remove the operation of the parts of the encirclement and do three aspects of anti-corrosion. First, the seat of the Heavy Duty Casters steel ball running parts, the wheels of the bearing parts should be regularly lubricated with oil. Second, the regular cleaning of the reducer in the heavy-duty casters of the cradle of the ball running parts, the operation of the wheel bearing the operation of the Department of life is important points; to prevent heavy-duty casters bracket corrosion can be regularly coated anti-embroidered paint, anti-embroidered oil.

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