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How To Buy Heavy Duty Casters Correctly?

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

How to buy Heavy Duty Casters correctly?
Selection of wheel material for Heavy Duty Casters
Heavy Duty Casters are used for the movement of heavy equipment, so the wheels of Heavy Duty Casters generally use hard tread single wheels. Such as nylon wheels, cast iron wheels, forged steel wheels, hard rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, and phenolic resin wheels are the ideal choice. Among them, forged steel wheels and polyurethane heavy duty caster wheels are particularly suitable for Heavy Duty Casters supporting wheels.
Selection of wheel diameter for Heavy Duty Casters
According to the larger the diameter of the wheel, the more flexible the principle of rotation, commonly used specifications are 4-inch Heavy Duty Casters, 5-inch Heavy Duty Casters, 6-inch Heavy Duty Casters, 8-inch Heavy Duty Casters, 10-inch Heavy Duty Casters, 12-inch Heavy Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters Using 16-inch and 18-inch wheels. At present, we produce 12 tons of special Heavy Duty Casters, is the use of the diameter of 400mm, wheel width 125mm double wheel Heavy Duty Casters. Of course, you can also customize the special specifications of the heavy, for example, low center of gravity Heavy Duty Casters, the smallest 2-inch Heavy Duty Casters, can also load more than 360kg.
Selection of Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers
At present, the domestic production of Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers a lot of good and bad, so users have to choose the purpose of Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers, can not blindly pursue the low price, so as to avoid the cause of Heavy Duty Casters, resulting in damage to the loaded product, resulting in unnecessary property loss. Choose a professional manufacturer of Heavy Duty Casters, the user can refer to the following points:
1, regular Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers, generally able to provide drawings and all relevant necessary technical parameters;
2, regular Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers to have a professional testing equipment, including heavy-duty casters walking test, load testing and other professional Heavy Duty Casters detection equipment, otherwise, can not determine the Heavy Duty Casters load requirements.
The user is responsible for proper maintenance and operation of Heavy Duty Casters. To avoid improper use or equipment. There is to overload, heavy special light on the car. Rough cranes on the rough road or heavy objects will cause the wheels or equipment to be damaged, so please check regularly:
Brackets and fasteners: tighten the loose axle and nut and check for damage to the weld or support plate. Overload or impact can cause the bracket to twist. And the twisted stent makes the heavy dump pressure on the individual wheels and cause the wheels to be damaged prematurely. If it is a plunger type Heavy Duty Casters, tighten the nut or tighten the tightening and ensure that the equipment mounting bracket is not bent and the plunger is installed correctly.
To install, use a lock nut or lock pad. The expansion of the plunger is designed to ensure that the plunger is securely mounted in the sleeve. Lubrication regularly with lubricants, wheels and movable bearings can be used for a long time. Apply grease to the wheel seal and the roller bearing friction parts, can reduce the friction and make the rotation more flexible. Under normal circumstances every six months for a lubrication, the car should be cleaned after the monthly lubrication of the wheel, the wheels visually check the wheel wear. Wheel rotation is not smooth and fine red rope and other debris related. The anti-wrap can block the entanglement of these debris.
Heavy Duty Casters too loose or too tight is another factor, the replacement of damaged wheels / Heavy Duty Casters to avoid unstable rotation. After checking and replacing the wheels, ensure that the wheel is tightened with the locking washer and nut. Because the axle loose will cause the wheel and the bracket friction and stuck. Replacement of wheels and bearings should be provided to avoid loss of production.
Heavy Duty Casters need to be replaced immediately if the activity is too loose. Such as Heavy Duty Casters center rivets are nuts fixed, to ensure that the lock is firm. If the activity can not turn freely, check the ball for corrosion or stolen goods. If equipped with a fixed type of Heavy Duty Casters, to ensure that the wheel bracket without bending phenomenon.

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