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How To Distinguish Between Bed Casters Material

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

How to distinguish between Bed Casters material
In our daily life bed Bed Casterss occupy a very important position, it can be widely used in medical, industrial, supermarket can also be home. It is mainly divided into super-man-made rubber bed Bed Casterss, polyurethane bed Bed Casterss, plastic bed Bed Casterss, nylon bed Bed Casterss, steel bed Bed Casterss, high temperature bed Bed Casterss, rubber bed Bed Casterss, S-type artificial bed Bed Casters. Different bed Bed Casterss its material and recipe is not the same, even if the same bed Bed Casterss, if the color of its material formula is different. Bed Bed Casterss a wide range of materials This also gives a lot of business great neutral, the replacement of materials and the abuse of low-quality materials, completely disrupted the entire market. The following is a brief introduction to several common types of Bed Casters material identification methods to help you flute the flow of bad products;

Bed Bed Casterss Material identification of incineration:
1, polyurethane (PU): easy to burn, incineration when a touch of white smoke, easy to melt, no effect of smell, sticky filamentous.
2, polyvinyl chloride (PVC): easy to burn, incineration when there is a strong black smoke, the impact of smell, no sticky filament, the appearance of black powder after burning.
3, nylon wheel (PA): not easy to burn, burning hair scorched when the smell, burning appearance after the bubble-like, and sticky filamentous.
4, high temperature nylon (PA): incineration with the PA material, but burned after the appearance of white powder.
5, polypropylene (PP): easy to burn, a touch of plastic taste, incineration when the appearance of uniform ablation, and sticky filamentous.
6, TPR: TPR burning taste heavier, burning smoke and more concentrated.

       The diversification of the Bed Casters material and the diversification of the product give us great difficulty in the identification of the material, but as long as we carefully understand the analysis then you will certainly be harvested, the same, you can distinguish Come out of the Bed Casters material.

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