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How To Install Heavy Duty Casters Correctly

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

How to install Heavy Duty Casters correctly
Proper installation of Heavy Duty Casters allows the device to be moved and moved objects much easier, but different combinations of Heavy Duty Casters will have different effects on the device's mobility, and Wanda Heavy Casters are the most popular The Heavy Duty Casters installation method provides relevant functional analysis.
Install three Heavy Duty Casters, all for the caster
3 rounds of the combination of installation, suitable for barrel or small equipment handling, good mobility is better than the assembly with the specifications of the four-wheel installation.
Installation of three Heavy Duty Casters, one of the caster, two directional wheels 2 directional wheels and one caster installation combination for low center of gravity, light equipment, short-distance handling, good direction control, economy.
Install four Heavy Duty Casters, of which two caster wheels, two directional wheels
2 directional wheel and two caster combination is a conventional assembly method, suitable for heavy-duty equipment, long-distance handling, economical and durable.
Install four Heavy Duty Casters, all for directional wheels
4 directional wheels show a rhombus layout design, suitable for heavy equipment, long distance from the equipment, can not be used for slope of the face.
Installation of four Heavy Duty Casters, of which two directional wheels, two caster
2 directional wheels and 2 caster installation, with two directional wheels placed on both sides, two casters placed at both ends, directional wheels higher than the caster, this assembly is suitable for longer slope pavement.
Install four Heavy Duty Casters, all for the caster
4 caster installation method for heavy equipment, long distance handling, excellent direction, often used for slope of the contact surface.
Installation of six Heavy Duty Casters, of which four caster, two directional wheels
4 rounds and 2 directional wheels are suitable for heavy equipment and homemade countertops for long distance handling, good handling, for a level of contact surface.
The selection of Heavy Duty Casters is also a must before the purchase of a content. Heavy Duty Casters use a variety of bearings, without it, heavy casters will lose the value. Therefore, we recommend that the ideal bearing should be suitable for their respective applications, and to ensure that the necessary safety margin. In addition to the tread, wheel diameter and rotary bearings, the wheel bearings determine the mobility of this Heavy Duty Casters, and even the quality of this Heavy Duty Casters.
  For different use of the environment, there are different requirements: the factory with a Heavy Duty Casters different from the commercial use of Heavy Duty Casters, tool vehicles with Heavy Duty Casters is different from the hospital bed with light heavy casters, shopping carts with Heavy Duty Casters Completely different from those Heavy Duty Casters used in those factories to carry heavy loads. In general, there are four types of bearings:
  1, Teer Ling Bearing: Te Ling Ling is a special engineering plastics, suitable for wet and corrosive areas, the flexibility of rotation in general, greater resistance.
  2, roller bearings: After the heat treatment of the roller bearing can carry a heavier load, turn the flexibility of the general.
  3, ball bearings: the use of high-quality bearing steel made of ball bearings, can carry a heavier load, apply to the requirements of flexible and quiet occasions.
  4, flat bearings: suitable for high and high load and high speed of the occasion.

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