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How To Properly Survey Before The Dismantling Of Scaffolding Safety

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Scaffolding is one of the most commonly used for building props, small series of scaffolding to build the ability before, of course, will have been established, and dismantling of scaffolding and scaffolding, as there are security issues that need attention, small series of ten points of concern are summarized below and share it with you:

1 removing the scaffolding and scaffolding should investigate the environment, developing technology-based testing measures to dismantle scaffolding needs and operating conditions, a clear division of labour.

2 specify the workspace should dismantle the scaffolding, fencing and warning signs, and get someone's attention.

3 down the scaffolding scaffolding near the power cord must meet the required minimum safe distance.

4 demolition and scaffolding Installer instead, take the first division after the first removal, should be removed layer by layer from top to bottom, step by step, scaffolding, good first removed, and demolition was again a row of wooden scaffolding on the bridge ties and extension bar. Scaffolding dismantling all scissors, son of pressure column, before the diagonal strut must be tied to a temporary brace. Via push law down the scaffolding the scaffolding.

5 when removing rods, rods must be coordinated by the 2-3 to operate. When sailing in the midst of dismantling stand will shift lever, a large, head in hand, following staff when it came to release notification, unless you throw.

6 wall drill pipe scaffolding should be removed. Construction deformation or excessive wall missing, uneven force should be down the scaffolding necessary to reinforce or temporary Rachel pointed out that to ensure stability when scaffolding dismantling shelves first.

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