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How To Use The Furniture Wheels Bearings

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

How to use the Furniture Wheels bearings
    The choice of Furniture Wheels bearings is also necessary to know before the purchase of a content. There are many kinds of bearings used in Furniture Wheels, without it, Furniture Wheels will lose the value. Therefore, we recommend that the ideal bearing should be suitable for their respective applications, and to ensure that the necessary safety margin. In addition to the tread, wheel diameter and rotating bearings, the wheel bearings determine the mobility of the Furniture Wheels, and even the quality of the Furniture Wheels.
  For different use of the environment, there are different requirements: factory Furniture Wheels is different from the commercial use of Furniture Wheels, tool car Furniture Wheels is different from the hospital bed with light Furniture Wheels, shopping carts with the requirements of the Furniture Wheels Completely different from those of those factories used to carry heavy load of those Furniture Wheels. In general, there are four types of bearings:
  1, Teer Ling Bearing: Te Ling Ling is a special engineering plastics, suitable for wet and corrosive areas, the flexibility of rotation in general, greater resistance.
  2, roller bearings: After the heat treatment of the roller bearing can carry a heavier load, turn the flexibility of the general.
  3, ball bearings: the use of high-quality bearing steel made of ball bearings, can carry a heavier load, apply to the requirements of flexible and quiet occasions.
  4, flat bearings: suitable for high and high load and high speed of the occasion.
 How to maintain the maintenance of caster, Furniture Wheels
    Often check the caster, Furniture Wheels structure and the degree of tightness in the side or both ends of the regular rotation of the wheel, Furniture Wheels, check the following:
    1, whether the welding point or welding floor at break
    2, nuts and bolts are loose phenomenon
    3, check the equipment due to overload or violent impact caused by structural deformation, heavy weight of the uneven distribution of one or two caster wheel will lead to universal, wheel Furniture Wheels deformation, the wheels can not turn.
    4, if it is equipped with a rod of the wheel wheel, to ensure that the installation of the device is not curved holes, and with the rods close together.
    5. Use a locknut or lock washer to install the Furniture Wheels
    6, to confirm whether the expansion of plastic installation position in place.
It is also difficult to trace the history of Furniture Wheels, but after people have invented the wheels, it is easy to move and move objects, but the wheels can only run on a straight line, change the direction of moving objects Still very difficult, and later people invented the wheel with a steering structure, that is, we call the Furniture Wheels or caster. Furniture Wheels appear to bring people to move, especially mobile objects brought epoch-making revolution, not only can be easily handled, but also can move in any direction, greatly improving the efficiency.
To the modern With the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment need to move, Furniture Wheels are also widely used in the world, all walks of life almost can not be separated from Furniture Wheels. To the modern With the continuous development of science and technology, equipment and more and more functions and high utilization, Furniture Wheels has become an indispensable parts. The development of Furniture Wheels will be more specialized and become a special industry.

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