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Industrial Wheels Support And Bearing Selection

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Industrial Wheels support and bearing selection
For Industrial Wheels bracket and bearing selection, Chongqing Industrial Wheels technology production plant staff mentioned: usually the choice of suitable wheel caster to consider the weight of the caster, such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, due to Flooring is good, smooth and handling of the goods lighter (each casters carrying 10-140kg), suitable for selection of thin steel plate (2-4mm) stamping forming electroplated wheel frame, the wheel light, flexible operation, quiet and beautiful , The plating wheel according to the ball is divided into double row beads and single row beads. If you move or move the application of double beads. In the factory and warehouse and other places, the cargo handling is very frequent and heavy load (each casters carrying at 280-420kg) is suitable for thick steel plate (5-6 mm) stamping hot forging and welding double row of the wheel of the wheel. If it is used for handling heavy objects such as textile factories, automobile factories, machinery factories and other places, due to heavy load and the length of travel within the factory (each casters carrying 350-1200kg), it should be selected to thick steel (8-12mm) cutting After the welding wheel frame, the activities of the wheel frame using flat ball bearings and ball bearings on the floor, so that the casters can withstand heavy loads, flexible rotation, anti-impact and other functions.
What factors need to be considered for the purchase of Industrial Wheels
Small users said that although the purchase of Industrial Wheels quality is very good, but it can not fully meet their actual needs. In the selection, the Industrial Wheels of different materials, styles and load-bearing, so that customers feel difficult to choose, can not take into account all aspects. In fact, the selection of Industrial Wheels is not difficult, you only need to consider their own five factors can be selected to suit their own use of the casters.
    Today, we will introduce these five factors to everyone:
    (1) carrying capacity. Decided to carry the weight of the wheel size, but also affect the rotation of Industrial Wheels, ball bearings for more than 180 kg heavier load requirements.
    (2) the use of site conditions. Choose a large enough round to adapt to the scene of the cracks. But also consider the use of road size, obstacles and other factors.
    (3) special environment. Each round to adapt to different working conditions, choose the best to adapt to the special environment. For example, the traditional rubber can not acid and chemical, so according to the use of the environment to select the appropriate Industrial Wheels.
    (4) Turn the flexibility. The greater the wheel rotation the more effort, Industrial Wheels ball bearing can carry a heavier load, the ball bearing rotation more flexible but carrying lighter.
    (5) temperature limit. Cold and heat on many wheels are likely to cause trouble, should choose high quality green grease, to ensure that Industrial Wheels can be applied to -40 ° C to 165 ° C high temperature.
    Read the above description, you do not think the idea of buying Industrial Wheels become clear up? Although the quality of Industrial Wheels is very important, but for their own use is the key to the problem. As long as we take into account these five factors, combined with their own actual situation, will no longer buy Industrial Wheels and difficult.
Our company is the professional manufacturer of Industrial Wheels, the location is advantageous, the production equipment is perfect, the technical force is strong, the detection means perfect, the product quality is reliable, the service is warm and thoughtful and trustworthy, wins the unanimous praise from the customers, the following is the introduction to the Industrial Wheels Maintenance skills.
      If a fixed Industrial Wheels is used in conjunction with a rotating Industrial Wheels, all Industrial Wheels of the caster must be compatible with each other.
Second, if only the use of rotating Industrial Wheels, they must be consistent.
Third, the function of Industrial Wheels can not be changed, the steering wheel is not affected by the installation device.
Fourth, the moving axle must always be vertical.
Fifth, fixed Industrial Wheels must be axular with their wheels in a straight line.
      The above description is the Industrial Wheels maintenance skills, hope to help you. Our company promises to allow customers to buy with the satisfaction of satisfaction, to act to win the market is our relentless pursuit! Welcome to come from consulting our products, we will provide you with professional solutions and perfect service!

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