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Material Selection For Heavy Duty Casters

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Material selection for Heavy Duty Casters
Now the domestic casters products in the complex, a wide range, in the choice of Heavy Duty Casters when particular attention, because the heavy casters are generally relatively large load objects, so the choice of casters is particularly important; to avoid the reasons for the casters themselves, The goods and safety caused unnecessary property damage, so choose a good Heavy Duty Casters products is very important, and this depends on a strict control of the quality of the manufacturers.

First, what is the heavy casters:
Heavy casters refers to the relatively large load capacity of the casters, is based on the caster's load-bearing capacity is concerned, is relatively light casters, medium casters and other classification, and no clear boundaries, generally high-load casters, known as heavy casters.

Second, the heavy duty caster wheel material selection:
Heavy Duty Casters are used for the movement of heavy equipment, so the wheels of Heavy Duty Casters generally use hard tread single wheel. Such as nylon wheels, cast iron wheels, forged steel wheels, rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels are the ideal choice. Among them, forged steel wheels and polyurethane casters wheels are particularly suitable for Heavy Duty Casters supporting wheels.

Third, the heavy casters choose:
1, regular Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers, generally able to provide drawings and all relevant necessary technical parameters;
2, regular Heavy Duty Casters manufacturers to have a professional testing equipment, including casters walking test, load testing and other professional casters detection equipment, otherwise, can not determine the load requirements of the casters.

Heavy Duty Casters products from the United States well-known casters business team for many years of research results, its production research has been more than 10 years, has a wealth of practical experience in the production of casters, product design and practical practical ability. At the same time we can also be based on customer requirements for the design, manufacture, production, to meet the different needs of customers.

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