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Plastic Casters How To Install Plastic Casters Correctly

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

Plastic Casters How to install plastic plastic casters correctly, can make the equipment handling and moving objects become easy a lot, but different combinations of plastic casters will have a different impact on the device's mobile performance, Wanda plastic casters on the following several The more popular plastic casters are installed, providing relevant functional analysis.

  Install three plastic casters, all for the caster

  3 rounds of the combination of installation, suitable for barrel or small equipment handling, good mobility is better than the assembly with the specifications of the four rounds of installation.

  Plastic Casters Installation of three plastic casters, of which one caster, two directional wheel 2 directional wheel and a caster combination for the center of gravity low, medium and light equipment, short-distance handling, good direction control, economy.

  Installation of four plastic casters, of which two caster, two directional wheels

  2 directional wheel and two caster combination is a conventional assembly method, suitable for heavy-duty equipment, long-distance handling, economical and durable.

  Install 4 plastic casters, all for directional wheels

  4 directional wheels show a rhombus layout design, suitable for heavy equipment, long distance from the transport, can not be used for slope of the face.

  Installation of four plastic casters, of which two directional wheels, two casters

  2 directional wheels and 2 caster installation, with two directional wheels placed on both sides, two caster wheels placed at both ends, the steering wheel is higher than the caster, this assembly is suitable for longer slope pavement.

  Install four plastic casters, all for the caster

  4 caster mounted for long distance handling of heavy equipment, excellent direction, often used for slope of the contact surface.

  Installation of six plastic casters, of which four caster, two directional wheels

  4 rounds and 2 directional wheels are suitable for heavy equipment and homemade countertops for long distance handling, good handling, for a level of contact surface. Plastic casters, plastic casters

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