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Plastic Casters Industry Development Of The Four Status Quo

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Plastic Casters industry development of the four status quo
Under the influence of the market economy, more and more Plastic Casters plant where they stand, with the Plastic Casters continue to expand the market, the Plastic Casters on the market more products, and customer selectivity is also strong, but profit But getting lower and lower, the business more and more difficult to do. With the continuous development of market economy, Plastic Casters industry is facing how kind of trouble? Plastic Casters industry is now how, how to improve it?
First, low profit:
With the increase in the number of Plastic Casters, peer-to-peer competition between the malicious, as well as labor costs, the increase in raw material costs, resulting in the overall cost of Plastic Casters business profits, lower profits; to promote some companies to reduce costs to reduce profits so that poor products Just enough. High cost of labor, high cost of financing, high tax burden, high transaction cost, low product quality, low technical standard, low brand recognition and low corporate integrity, which restricts the improvement of China's manufacturing competitiveness.
Low profit
Second, poor innovation capacity:
At present, many Plastic Casters do not want to innovate, but also not innovation, and even innovation as "copy new", resulting in Plastic Casters manufacturing innovation level in the low hovering. As a manufacturing industry, if you want to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry, product innovation is imperative; only to do innovative product development, product quality control, in order to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises in order to Plastic Casters industry in an invincible position.
Third, self-brand awareness:
It is understood that the current Plastic Casters industry brand awareness is not strong, many companies do not have independent brands, trademarks, and some have their own brand of brand protection is not strong. China's manufacturing brand market recognition is low, weak competitiveness, in the world's top 500 brands only 31, only 100 brands in the seven. Plastic Casters brand building is to expand the effective supply, promote the supply side of the structural reform of the important content must be given high priority. We should strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, protect the fruits of innovation, for enterprises willing to innovate, dare to create a good environment for innovation.
Fourth, poor quality Plastic Casters products after another:
Shoddy products on China has been deeply affected, no matter which industry are more or less the impact of the entire industry, for their own profits to break the balance of the industry, pulled the whole Plastic Casters industry product quality. Many companies do not change medicine, the focus on the product packaging, ignoring the quality of the product itself, under the banner of the brand, doing the activities of the market hawkers.
Plastic Casters industry
At present, many Plastic Casters are in a very special period, the market downturn and the expansion of competition, forced the pace of the entire Plastic Casters industry forward. How to transition from this period need to develop a detailed business strategy.
The important part of forming a Plastic Casters is the bracket, which is the bridge connecting the wheels, and it is thought that it plays an important role in it. Plastic Casters are generally carbon steel galvanized, which is also the most commonly used cost is relatively low; of course, there are activities of stainless steel stent, this bracket is mainly used in stainless steel universal casters, such stents The cost is generally high; of course, we can according to the use of the environment, requiring the choice of different types of Plastic Casters bracket.
General Plastic Casters bracket is divided into fixed bracket, movable bracket, brake bracket these three types, fixed bracket it is not possible to choose, can only be a straight line, and the activities of the bracket is generally applied to the universal Plastic Casters, it Can rotate 360 ° in different directions. Brake brackets are specially designed for Plastic Casters with brakes, and can be parked at any time.

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