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Rubber Wheel Polishing Wheel Characteristics

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: May 19, 2017

 Rubber Wheels Rubber wheel polishing wheel characteristics This rubber wheel is defined as, abrasive belt grinding and polishing series of machine-specific contact wheel, with the use of the belt can play an effective support belt, reduce vibration, reduce the temperature and so on!

  : Natural rubber, high-quality aluminum, use: belt machine, polishing machine, drawing machine, belt polishing machine, belt drawing machine, grinding machine, grinding machine, sanding machine, automatic polishing machine, automatic water mill Tube polishing machine, vertical belt machine, conveyor belt water mill, two round water mill, three wheel belt machine, etc., high-quality aluminum wheel as a driven wheel, with the rubber wheel to rotate the belt, so that the cutting force of the belt To achieve the maximum to achieve the purpose of rapid grinding, aluminum wheel than the traditional iron wheel or cast iron wheel light, wear, smooth operation, aluminum wheel package used as a driving wheel after the operation of small sound, low noise, mechanical stability, by the user favorite. Aluminum wheel can be made according to the requirements or drawings, can do aluminum wheel hanging plastic (plastic), or aluminum plastic tire renovation, plastic package.

  Rubber Wheels Made of high wear-resistant rubber, high wear resistance, high temperature, long service life.

  Hardness: 40 ~ 95 degrees Specifications: 150-350X25-100 specifications can also be customized according to customer requirements Belt belt rubber wheel is mainly used for metal grinding and non-metallic grinding industry, with grinding plane, convex surface, remove the flash , Burrs, pouring riser, chamfering, polishing and other functions. Can be done fine grinding, but also do fine polishing, with cutting speed, high efficiency, good cutting surface quality, easy to plug the adhesion, no burns the workpiece, low noise, vibration, operating environment safety advantages (with the ordinary Grinding machine can improve the efficiency of 6-15 times, saving about two-thirds), has been mechanical processing, assembly, tools and other departments widely used to replace the manual sand, grinding, filing, research process.

  Polishing Grinding Machine Accessories

  Rubber Wheels Such as belt machine rubber tire, belt machine aluminum wheel, water mill rubber tire, water mill aluminum wheel, triangular wire drawing machine rubber wheel, triangular wire drawing machine aluminum wheel, round tube polishing machine rubber wheel, guide wheel, aluminum wheel, automatic drawing Rubber roller, rubber belt, rubber belt, rubber wheel, rubber tire, rubber wheel, grinding machine rubber wheel, grinding machine rubber tire, grinding machine rubber wheel, aluminum wheel , Polishing machine rubber wheel, aluminum wheel, polishing machine accessories. Can be made of aluminum, iron wheel package plastic processing (hanging plastic) and according to map made! Has been in the "quality first, the customer first" principle of service, creating a mutually beneficial win-win situation. Has a strong technical and economic strength, the guests need to develop special-shaped products, we hope that the unremitting efforts to win customers at home and abroad the trust and support, we always firmly believe that the quality of the enterprise to maintain and develop the first vitality! At a reasonable price to develop the market, the best cost-effective products to meet the different levels of customer requirements at home and abroad.

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