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Scaffold Dismantling The Installation Points To Note

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

With the development of the construction industry, scaffolding and other protection measures are also becoming more and more important, scaffolding rental is also increasing, like Hangzhou teachers scaffold rentals, scaffolding in the points when moved and what is needed, look at it ~

First scaffolding must to note various structure measures, for example is pulled knot points scissors support, are is to strictly according to requirements to device, second is level and vertical closed, in level closed Shang didn't across a to two step will placed scaffolding, cannot appeared has short Board of situation, in vertical closed Shang, from second step to fifth step each Department are to set a meters high of protection bar, in received near of words to set security network.

Must be taken in removing the first check scaffolding and building connections between the situations, to clear away debris, from top without directly throwing down objects, removing notice is to remind the people around, if close to the road to set up alert to remind pedestrians.

If you are experiencing windy weather, say six winds to stop moving the scaffold.

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