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Scaffold Structure Features

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Compared to the general structure of the scaffolding, has the following characteristics: load conditions, suffered huge variation compared with the general structure of the scaffold, working conditions with the following characteristics:

Large load changes;

Is semi-rigid and rigid joint size and quality of fasteners fastener joints, installation quality, and performance of the node has changed a lot;

The scaffold structure, Member initial imperfections, such as Rod bent, begin to rust, installation error, load eccentricity, such as;

Points of connection with the wall, Stent combined with change a lot. Lack of accumulated research on these issues and statistical systems, probability of unconditional independence of analysis, structural resistance multiplied by the adjustment factor is less than the previously used to calibrate the safety factor of determining whose value system and, therefore, design methods used in this specification is basically a half probabilities, half experience. Scaffolding structures to meet the requirements of this specification, design and calculation of the basic conditions.

Material specifications

1)-wood, bamboo scaffolding of wood or bamboo scaffold is called wood, bamboo scaffolding

2) steel pipe scaffolding-into steel-tube scaffold, the scaffold.

3) gate scaffolding

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