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Special Relationship Between Heavy Duty Casters And Forklifts

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

Special relationship between Heavy Duty Casters and forklifts
 Have you ever seen a forklift? Or is there a friend who is not working in the warehouse? If you are not familiar with the forklift in the warehouse, then the following is about the forklift, but it is not a forklift but one of them Parts - Heavy Duty Casters. Friends in the warehouse to know the forklift is to facilitate the movement of heavy objects, it can carry hundreds of kilograms of heavy objects and face is not red gas does not breathe, for which we have to sigh. But the skin is thick and frivolous Heavy Duty Casters also have its weak side, it also needs us to continue to care. For Heavy Duty Casters we can start from the following points, then it is better for it to protect it.
1, Heavy Duty Casters bracket steel ball running parts, the wheel bearing parts should be regularly added lubricating oil.
2, regularly clean up the stent in the heavy-duty casters steel ball running parts, wheel bearings running parts of the winding or thread.
3, most of the heavy-duty casters are made of metal, anti-corrosion on the service life of the wheel is very important. To prevent corrosion of heavy-duty casters bracket can be regularly coated with anti-rust oil.
Through the above do hair can be very good to protect the heavy casters to reduce damage, and as a warehouse staff often with the forklift this heavy casters deal only this point can be far enough, we protect the better I think it eventually has its life, If it is damaged then how can we buy such heavy casters? The next is to tell you the problem.
There are many Heavy Duty Casters on the market, such as rubber heavy casters, polyurethane Heavy Duty Casters, nylon heavy casters, pig iron Heavy Duty Casters, these different materials for different wheels, we have to according to our warehouse environment to select the appropriate wheels. This will be more able to improve the use of forklifts and heavy casters play, but also for us to save a lot of expenses.
How is the material of the heavy duty caster wheel selected? Usually the wheels are nylon, rubber, polyurethane, elastic plastic, iron core polyurethane, cast iron, plastic and so on. Polyurethane wheel can be used in hotels, medical equipment, wood flooring, tile floor and other requirements of walking when the noise on a small quiet ground on the ground; nylon wheel, can be used to meet the requirements of your handling, Iron wheel suitable for the ground uneven or on the ground with iron and other substances in the venue.
In order to be able to calculate the load capacity required for various Heavy Duty Casters, it is necessary to know the maximum weight of the transport equipment, the maximum load of the caster and the number of single and heavy casters used. The load capacity required for a single wheel or Heavy Duty Casters is calculated as follows: T = (EZ) / M × N: T = weight required for single or heavy casters; E = weight of transport equipment; Z = maximum load; The number of single and heavy casters used; N = safety factor (about 1.3-1.5).
Maintenance of Heavy Duty Casters. The use of Heavy Duty Casters, caster must pay attention to the daily maintenance, in order to make it longer life, so as to achieve the purpose of saving economy, a deeper step, you can achieve the purpose of saving resources.
Then the maintenance of Heavy Duty Casters should pay attention to what aspects, usually the following main aspects of the following:
First, if the fixed heavy casters and rotary Heavy Duty Casters used in conjunction, then the caster all Heavy Duty Casters must be compatible with each other.
Second, if only the use of rotating heavy casters, they must be consistent.
Third, the function of Heavy Duty Casters can not be changed, the steering wheel is not affected by the installation device.
Fourth, the moving wheel must always be vertical.
5, fixed heavy casters must be between their axles in a straight line.

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