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Stainless Steel Furniture Wheels Key Performance And Function

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Stainless Steel Furniture Wheels Key Performance and Function
  Stainless steel Furniture Wheels features and performance to determine its function: a horizontal rotation of the function, for dry and wet separation and wet and dry sharing console, that is, a variety of medical gas, strong and weak, network output terminal integrated in the console, and configure the pneumatic Brake and damping device anti-drift, countertops and drawers can be placed a certain weight of medical equipment.
Factors that influence the flexibility of a stainless steel Furniture Wheels: the structure of the bracket and the selection of the support steel, the size of the wheel, the type of wheel, the bearing, etc. The greater the flexibility of the wheels the better the flexibility, in the smooth ground, hard, narrow wheels than the flat side of the wheels of the effort. But on the uneven ground, the soft wheels effort. But on uneven ground, the soft wheels can better protect the equipment and shock.
 The rapid improvement of living standards The quality of our lives have also been greatly improved, before cleaning at home, but also two people can move heavy furniture cleaning garbage, to our lives has brought great inconvenience. But with the improvement of living standards, our living environment has also undergone enormous changes, before two people still struggling to move the furniture now a person can easily move, simple, convenient, lightweight gives a comfortable feeling The In fact, the solution to this problem is the furniture installed on the Furniture Wheels, not only Furniture Wheels installed on the furniture, in the computer tables, chairs and bookshelves, we can see Furniture Wheels. The emergence of the Furniture Wheels wheel has made us more and more popular, and it is also a new development for furniture wheels.
     There are many applications for furniture Wheels, and there are many benefits of installing Furniture Wheels on the goods. For example, Furniture Wheels are installed on the closet in the home. We are free to move the closet and change the location of the closet at any time. Convenient cleaning when cleaning. As well as in the infant carts installed Furniture Wheels, you can not very easily push the car, and then do not also hand holding the effort is also worry.
 There are many types of Furniture Wheels, and furniture wheel use is limited, but we should also consider the actual situation of the application site, due to Furniture Wheels direct contact with the ground, if improper choice, will greatly shorten the life of Furniture Wheels, The If the home is covered with wood flooring, it is best to use flexible rubber, polyurethane or super artificial rubber tire, you can protect the wood floor, the corresponding price of such a wheel is also more expensive. Plastic wheels are less resistant to wear and elasticity, but are cheap, suitable for light-weight furniture and ordinary ground to ground.
     Furniture Wheels belong to one of Furniture Wheels, but it is also widely used and has a great impact on our lives. Furniture Wheels offers a wide range of furniture wheels for a wide range of applications, and the factory already has complete production equipment and production lines, welcome to visit.
Effective maintenance of Furniture Wheels Regular maintenance of the Furniture Wheels operating parts. Maintenance is divided into lubricating oil and remove the operation of the parts of the encirclement and do three aspects of anti-corrosion. First, Furniture Wheels bracket steel ball running parts, the wheels of the bearing operating parts should be regularly added to grease. The second is to regularly clean up the holder in the holder Wheels operating position of the ball, the operation of the wheel bearing the operation of the Department of life is important in order to prevent Furniture Wheels bracket corrosion can be regularly coated anti-embroidered paint, anti-embroidered oil.
Furniture Wheels manufacturers should strengthen the production, design and production of Furniture Wheels, Furniture Wheels own life is the decisive stage of its long life, so Furniture Wheels own life should be in the production and design of strict control management. Furniture Wheels manufacturers should be in the production to eliminate in turn washed, to fake true. In the design should be in strict accordance with the national Furniture Wheels industry standard design. Do not increase the eccentricity, not arbitrarily change the material, not arbitrarily change the mechanical structure.

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