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Supermarket Shopping Cart Rubber Wheels Can Be Free To Turn The Reason

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

General supermarkets in the shopping cart or the airport to run Lee's trolley, there are four Rubber Wheelss, you can find, Rubber Wheels oil and the body is not fixed, but can be free to spin around the vertical rotation. Because if the axle and the body is fixed, the Rubber Wheels can only go straight ahead, the car can not turn.
In addition, when you push the cart, the Rubber Wheels is always on the rear of the rotating shaft. If you change from forward to back, the Rubber Wheels will suddenly turn 180 degrees around the vertical axis, still in the position to follow the rotation axis. In general, the direction of rolling of the Rubber Wheels must be consistent with the direction of the forward can make the carts move smoothly. Once the direction of rolling of the Rubber Wheels and the direction of the vehicle body is not consistent, the ground friction will be on the front of the vertical rotation of the shaft torque, to promote the Rubber Wheels to the direction of the same direction of walking.
Similar to the Rubber Wheels of the shopping cart, there is a similar phenomenon in the bike. If the rotation axis of the bicycle fork is extended to the ground, the intersection with the ground is always in front of the front wheel and ground contact points. When you hand the cushion forward cart, the front wheel is obedient to the eye with the forward direction. If the reverse position of the front wheel and the front fork is reversed, the direction of the frictional force is reversed, and the front wheel shakes left and right. The relative position of the front fork of the bicycle and the relative position between the front wheel and the ground contact point is very important to ensure the stability of the bicycle.
Rubber Wheelss are generally made up of brackets and wheels. Scaffolds are generally metal, but there are plastic, plastic stent we often call the plastic support, the general use of the medical industry more, there are furniture wheel industry is more plastic stent. And the most used in our industry is of course the metal stent.
First, the Rubber Wheels can be called directional Rubber Wheels and universal Rubber Wheels. Directional Rubber Wheels bracket with a single wheel, can only move along the line. Universal Rubber Wheels is a 360 degree steering bracket coupled with a single round, can be free to move in any direction.
Second, the installation height: refers to the vertical distance from the ground to the installation location of the equipment, Rubber Wheels installation height refers to the Rubber Wheels and the wheel side of the largest vertical distance. Stent steering center distance: refers to the horizontal distance of the center rivet vertical line to the center of the wheel core.
Third, the rotation radius: refers to the center of the rivet vertical line to the outer edge of the horizontal distance of the tire, the appropriate distance so that the Rubber Wheels can make 360 degrees steering. Rotation radius of the reasonable or not directly affect the Rubber Wheels life.
Fourth, turn: hard, narrow wheels than soft, wide wheels easier to turn. Rotation radius is an important parameter of the rotation of the wheel. If the radius of rotation is too short, it will increase the difficulty of steering. It will cause the wheel to shake and shorten the life.
Fifth, the driving flexibility: the factors that affect the flexibility of the Rubber Wheels The structure of the bracket and the choice of steel frame, the wheel size, wheel type, bearings, etc. The greater the flexibility of the wheel the better, in the smooth surface hard, The narrow wheels are less effortier than the flat side of the wheels, but on the uneven ground the soft wheels are effortless, but on the uneven ground the soft wheels can better protect the equipment and shock.
Six, the driving load: Rubber Wheels in the load capacity, also known as dynamic load, the Rubber Wheels of the dynamic load due to the different test methods vary, but also because of the different materials and different wheels, the key lies in the structure and quality of the stent Able to withstand shock and shock.
7, the impact load: when the equipment by the impact of the load or shock when the Rubber Wheels moment load capacity.
8, static load: Rubber Wheels in the static state can withstand the weight. Static load in general should be the load (moving load) of 5 to 6 times the static load should be at least twice the impact load.

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