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Talking About The Future Development Direction Of Heavy Duty Casters

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

Talking about the future development direction of Heavy Duty Casters
   Small objects, large role, Heavy Duty Casters are collectively divided into directional heavy casters and non-directional heavy casters, directional heavy casters without rotating structure, can not turn; universal heavy casters structure allows 360 degrees rotation. The construction of the Heavy Duty Casters is made by a single wheel mounted on the bracket for installation under the equipment to allow it to move freely.
   In general, the greater the diameter of Heavy Duty Casters, the more effort to promote the more obstacles, the better the ability, because the heavy casters first in the late 19th century the formation of industrialization in the West, so heavy casters are generally expressed in inches, such as China's supermarket trolley With 5 inch, 4 inch Heavy Duty Casters. Currently on the market popular heavy casters size from 1 inch to 10 inch have, commonly used size 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, Often need to promote, such as supermarket shopping carts, logistics trolleys, tool carts, etc. 4 to 6 inch Heavy Duty Casters better. But the Heavy Duty Casters will be too large to increase the center of gravity equipment, the cost increases, so to be considered.
    The simplest invention is often the most important, heavy casters are equipped with this feature. At the same time, the level of development of a city is often related to the use of heavy casters, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuxi, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other cities of heavy casters use rate is very high.
 As a result of extensive production and operation and blind pursuit of Heavy Duty Casters production capacity of the development model, heavy casters industry has always been known as "labor-intensive industries", "the first of environmental pollution" and so on. In the creative popular today, heavy casters industry seems a pool of stagnant water, it is difficult to give birth to a little waves.
But this situation is changing recently. We were surprised to find that light Heavy Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, automotive industry and other brands of Heavy Duty Casters products, is blowing more and more violent innovation. Although the heavy casters is a humble little parts, but with people's daily life and industrial production are closely related to the market has been showing a good prospect, sales growth in recent years continued to rise.
    The development of Heavy Duty Casters industry is a systematic project, grasp the pulse of the market is the key to the sustainable development of heavy casters business, the future plan in the step will also be actively concerned about the market direction and customer needs, for more heavy casters High cost. Enterprises to creative as the driving force, deep excavation enterprise development momentum. Behind this industry dynamics, the ultimate benefit is not only Heavy Duty Casters industry production and sales, but also the majority of consumers. It can be said that more and more heavy casters "creative market", a former Heavy Duty Casters enterprises rely on OEM processing status of survival, led the heavy casters industry to a new era of creative innovation.
Industrial Heavy Duty Casters in the current industrial system in the use of more and more widely, but the development of China's industrial heavy casters to the number of years after the reform and opening up, in the use of society more and more widely, indirectly promoted us Social and economic development.
First industrial Heavy Duty Casters are often used in factories or machinery and equipment, transportation industry, with good direction and flexibility.
Second, the reform and opening up the achievements of China's rapid economic development, it will achieve the rapid development of the transport industry, industrial heavy casters industry is bundled in the transport industry, also naturally became the era of high-speed development of heavy casters industry.
Moreover, heavy casters are not only related to the people's livelihood of the major industries, but also in modern defense played a pivotal position, such as aircraft heavy casters, gliding heavy casters and so on.

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