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The Height Of The Bed Casters Is Calculated And Measured

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

The height of the Bed Casters is calculated and measured
The height of the Bed Casters is the height of the ground, which is the bed Bed Casters in use, the height of the ground after the Bed Casters is installed. The usual round is the radius of the wheel, the height of the ground in the bearing center. Is the installation height of the bed Bed Casterss. The Bed Casters with the Bed Casters is to see what type of stent is used, the height of the scaffolding Bed Casters, including the height of the screw, with the flat and fixed two ways. Flat to the height of the ground on the Bed Casters installation height. Steering is also the height of the wheel is not height plus the height of the wheel, is the eccentricity of the bracket to the height of the wheel bearing plus the height of the wheel radius is the actual height
Tectonic Analysis of Bed Casters
1, the center distance of the stent steering: refers to the center of the center of the Bed Casters to the center of the wheel center distance.
2, the impact of the load: the impact load is the impact of the equipment by the impact or shock, the Bed Casters in the moment can withstand the weight of the ability.
3, the flexibility of travel: bracket structure and the choice of steel frame, bed Bed Casterss of the size, type and bearings can affect the degree of flexibility of the Bed Casters.
4, the installation of height: refers to the bed Bed Casterss from the ground to the installation of the vertical distance between the equipment, or refers to the bed and the wheel edge of the wheel with the largest vertical distance.
5, turn: bed Bed Casterss in the relatively narrow hard wheels than the wide soft wheel easy to turn. Rotation radius is only an important parameter for wheel rotation, and if too short will increase the difficulty of steering, thereby reducing the wheel's life.
6, the radius of rotation: refers to the center of the willow nail perpendicular to the horizontal line of the horizontal distance of the tire, this distance can make the Bed Casters to do three hundred and sixty degrees of steering. And whether the radius of rotation will reasonably affect the life of the Bed Casters.
7, the driving load: bed Bed Casters in the movement is the load is called the mobile load. The movement of the Bed Casters and the production of the way and the material is different, but the key is that the structure and quality of the stent can withstand the impact and shock.
Bed Bed Casterss are plated with a metal coating on the substrate to change the surface properties or size of the substrate, and to enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal (most of the coating metal with corrosion-resistant metal), increase hardness, prevent wear, improve conductivity, Nature, heat resistance, and surface appearance. Bed Bed Casterss electroplating is the use of electrolysis principle in the metal surface to be plated on a thin layer of other metal or alloy plating process. Plating process of metal or other insoluble materials to do the anode, to be plated metal stent to do the cathode, the metal coating of the metal surface is reduced to form a metal coating. In order to eliminate the interference of other cations and make the coating uniform and firm, it is necessary to use a coating solution containing metal cation to make the Bed Casters plating solution to keep the concentration of the coated metal cations unchanged. Most of the coating is a single metal or alloy, such as titanium target, zinc, cadmium, gold or brass, bronze, etc .; also have dispersion layer, such as nickel - silicon carbide, nickel - fluorinated graphite; Copper-nickel-chrome layer, silver-indium layer on steel, and the like. The role of the Bed Casters plating is to obtain decorative protection on the mechanical products and a variety of functional surface layer, and can repair wear and processing errors of the workpiece.
How does bed Bed Casterss use extended life?
1, please do not exceed the maximum load of the instructions, overload the use of the cause of the accident.
2, do not in acid, alkali, salt, oil, water and other special circumstances.
3, please do not brake the moment the wheel forced to shift.
4, please do not use the high and low differences in large or significant uneven ground walking.
5, do not use the temperature and temperature extreme special places. (Such as steam room, cold storage special environment).
6, please do not use the hammer forced to hit the brake pads, should be appropriate to press the brake pads [ON / separate] part, release the brakes.
7, please do not continue for a long time in the trailer, traction operation under the use.

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