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The Production Of Bed Casters Should Focus On The Concept Of Quality

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

The production of Bed Casters should focus on the concept of quality
With the increasing construction of industrial, caster application market, the quality of the product more stringent requirements. Industry experts pointed out that the face of the high standards of the market requirements, Bed Casters manufacturing enterprises should actively adjust the product structure on the basis of strengthening the product design, production and manufacturing process of quality concepts, adhere to the "quality first" business principles.

    There is an interaction between the quality and cost of the caster products. Under normal circumstances, high quality heavy duty caster products are built on a high cost basis, the cost is a prerequisite and the quality is the result. But sometimes the high cost of the enterprise is due to poor product quality caused. First, the production process of waste loss and repair costs to increase the cost of the product. Second, accompanied by poor quality of the product quality instability, making the product after the sale of maintenance services increased costs. Therefore, to establish the quality is to reduce the cost of the concept.

    In addition, the correct handling of the relationship between cost and quality should maintain a reasonable product quality, including three aspects:

    1), is a reasonable product life cycle, the product life cycle is used after the purchase of the product can not be used to scrap the time. This time to be reasonable. It is necessary to be able to meet the user's quality requirements, but also take into account the product in the market life cycle.

    2), the quality of the product should be kept within an appropriate range. Bed Casters manufacturing enterprises should be an effective positioning of product quality, such as the scope of use within the scope of the load, or the market price fluctuation, is the enterprise products to achieve quality and price optimization, give full play to the brand market competitiveness of products.

    3), is a reasonable product features, the function of the product the better is to improve the quality of the errors. Such as brakes, anti-static, anti-wrap, impact and other multi-functional Bed Casters available to most consumers either unnecessary, or repeat, but these unnecessary features are the cost of the product to improve the price.

    In summary, to maintain a reasonable product quality, to a large extent control the cost of the product to ensure that the product price advantage. As a professional production of caster, industrial Bed Casters, Bed Casters and other products manufacturers, Wanda Wheel Industry believes that to ensure a reasonable product quality is the key to the design and development stage, the enterprise should be based on consumer demand and purchasing power to product design and production , To maximize the market to meet the needs and enhance the core competitiveness.

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