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Three Types Of Methods To Determine The Quality Of Medium - Sized Plastic Casters

DC Fortune Group Holdings Limited | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Three types of methods to determine the quality of medium - sized Plastic Casters
The large use of medium-sized Plastic Casters not only promotes social progress, but also for the development of our life also brought a lot of impact; such as our furniture in the medium-sized Plastic Casters, chairs in the medium-sized Plastic Casters, as well as in the industry some large Of the machinery is now in order to facilitate the movement have been in accordance with the medium-sized Plastic Casters, can imagine the use of medium-sized Plastic Casters for us to bring much convenience. In our life to see the medium-sized Plastic Casters, it is not through the production can be used, it is also experienced a series of tests to be able to packing, packing, use. For different materials, medium-sized Plastic Casters, of course, its test requirements are not the same, then we walked into the KAC this professional production of medium-sized Plastic Casters manufacturers, see it is through what methods to test the medium-sized Plastic Casters, and finally Become qualified medium-sized Plastic Casters.
1, reciprocating wear test:
The reciprocating wear test of the medium-sized Plastic Casters simulates the actual rolling situation of the medium-sized Plastic Casters in daily use. It is divided into two types: obstacle test and no obstacle test. No medium-sized Plastic Casters or other parts are allowed to be separated during the test. At the end of the test, each medium-sized Plastic Casters should be able to drive its normal function. After the test, the medium-sized Plastic Casters will be rolled, and the rotation or braking function should not be damaged.
2, rolling resistance and rotation resistance test:
When the medium-sized Plastic Casters move or to control its direction, the force must be transmitted through the object to the medium-sized Plastic Casters and overcome certain resistance, the size of the resistance depends on: weight, wheel diameter, wheel material, tread shape, medium Plastic Casters rotation of the site and so on.
4, the impact test:
Any items due to delivery, use, preservation and other conditions will likely produce a collision vibration leaving the product for some time can not be used normally, furniture because of its own type, weight and other characteristics are often vulnerable to impact, and at the bottom of the furniture is determined to be stable medium Plastic Casters should have a better impact resistance.
Through the above test we can find that even if the appearance is simple and not a large medium-sized Plastic Casters, it is through these tests in order to become a qualified medium-sized Plastic Casters products. Of course, when the production of our products should be in accordance with the above series of test methods step by step operation, which is not only to ensure the quality of the product, but also responsible for our products.
Choose to purchase Plastic Casters models, talk about the price. Plastic Casters model specifications to determine the basic work, the key is to talk about the price of a good order. Here is the experience to say, and some Plastic Casters may be sold very hot models, and even to meet the situation in short supply, this time the Plastic Casters manufacturers will not have this type of Plastic Casters have the price concessions. And some models, especially the new Plastic Casters models, the old factory often face market competition had to introduce new. Sometimes the old models of Plastic Casters may be prejudiced, so the new models will have the appropriate price concessions.
Because of its own characteristics is more complex than the simple Plastic Casters, this increase in complexity led to lower the Plastic Casters can withstand the speed of sliding. In general, Plastic Casters can withstand the use of a single round of 50-60%. Of course, users in the specific use of Plastic Casters, the implementation of the speed of course, the slower the better, to maintain an appropriate 0-3km / h range on it.
Plastic Casters the most critical rotating bearing area in particular can not be wired and other impurities entangled, or can easily cause damage. Therefore, the use of environmental ground must ensure cleanliness. But also because the use of Plastic Casters different materials, but also requires the environment which can not have the presence of acid and alkali salts and other chemicals. Third, the load-bearing range. The invention and application of Plastic Casters are mainly for the handling of heavy objects more convenient, although the Plastic Casters have considerable load capacity, but also can not stand too heavy to run. Therefore, the use of Plastic Casters must be clear Plastic Casters load-bearing capacity, to avoid excessive overload operation.

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